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Another happy and satisfied customer who was able to give us feedback. Thank you Ma’am Zophia and team for trusting EnjoyKaDito ❤

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Shella Viray and Team’s heart warming testimonials:


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2   ———————————————————————————————————————————- 10533490_535903156521222_3570430441086816639_n   ———————————————————————————————————————————- “Thank you to Tintin and Enjoy Ka Dito for the opportunity to explore baler last march..a wonderful experience..nice view, un bang lhat ng puno at bato na mdaanan me tour package enjoy ka dito Baler, Aurora 9picture??? ..thank you din ke kua driver Ariel and ate evelyn sa baler ..mganda ung design ng rum, at ung 2 asst. na cla aiza and charice.. -Amie Ervite and Team     ———————————————————————————————————————————-

“We are very much thankful for Enjoy Ka Dito team for the willingness to help and assist OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAus. Kuya Ben, the van driver, is very accommodating together with Kevin, our child tour guide. Our stay in Baler is really worth it Again, thank you, Enjoy Ka Dito! Keep up the good work!”
-Andy Parulan & Team


“Dubbed by my cousins and relatives as “the best trip ever,” who would have thought that a one week plan would eventually materialize? Who would have thought that after a couple of years drawing, finally was made reality? In this rare instance that two of our dearest cousins are actually in the country at the same time for a month vacation, we can never miss the opportunity to bond, to be mesmerized, enchanted, refueled and recharged in this place called “Baler.” However, a one week plan means all hotels in the internet getting fully booked  this peak time. One week plan, with everyone hoping to see the place for the first time, with no idea of what the place could offer left us hanging whether we will push through or not. Feeling a bit hopeless, I inquired about various tour packages across the net, but only one positively responded despite the very short notice, only one was flexible enough to cater to our trip specifications and needs, only one! It was indeed a blessing that we came across this website and from a dream, destiny was made a reality!

Our group would like to sincerely thank the people behind Enjoy Ka Dito. This will not be possible if not because of you. Despite the very short advice, you were able to arrange a smooth and refreshing trip for our group. You gave us the best people to take charge, from the accommodation (loved the place, near the beach, complete amenities with wifi), to our super kind landlady, to our very energetic tour guide who happens to be the best photographer in town, to the 3 day breakfast that we had, to the trip itinerary, everything was well appointed and catered. At a very reasonable cost, you gave us priceless memories we will forever cherish. Most of all, thank you for giving my dear cousin from Dubai an amazing birthday treat!

More likely I will be coming back with friends, officemates and loved one who are very eager to experience the ever enchanting Baler. Definitely, I will only entrust a good trip to a good team. Satisfaction begets another satisfaction, quality service at its finest! – not even enough to describe how wonderful that trip was and how amazing Enjoy Ka Dito was. More Power to your team and we look forward to have you again in one of our future trips.tour package enjoy ka dito Baler, Aurora  surfing 10

God Speed!”

All the best,

Mark Randell C Castro, GSAP US Fuels Implementation | Manage Indirect Tax



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