Hundred Islands Tour Package For Groups (WITHOUT Van Transfer)

Thank you for choosing us to be your travel organizer for you to spend quality time with your love ones. 

If you want an extra adventurous life by commuting from Manila to Alaminos and nearby places, we have personally created a scheme that will surely fit your budget.

Every island offers something remarkable to guests, tourists and locals. Capture the giant bats at Bat Island, take a look of the giant clams at the coral garden, and dive-in at Marcos Island’s amazing cliff. Make your own version of white sand-castle at Quezon Island and take a peak of the Big Brother House in Governor’s Island.

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Hundred Island
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Hundred Islands Tour Package For Groups (2 days and 1 night) :
See also other Hundred Islands Tour Package for Groups with van transfer.
Enjoy our 2 days and 1 night Hundred Islands Tour package with Bolinao Day-tour at: (For special trips)
 Hundred Islands Tour Package with Day Tour Bolinao 
No. of Person  Hundred Islands Tour Package Rate per pax (withOUT Van but with Accomm.)  Hundred Islands Tour Package Rate per pax (withOUT Van & withOUT  Accomm.)
2Days 1Night (Without Van) Hundred Islands Tour Package WITHOUT VAN(But with Van Service for Bolinao Day-Tour)
2 pax                                   4,849.00                                   3,359.00
3 pax                                   4,639.00                                   3,559.00
4 pax                                   4,019.00                                   3,159.00
5 pax                                   3,599.00                                   2,919.00
6 pax                                   3,509.00                                      2,759.00
7 pax                                   3,449.00                                      2,689.00
8 pax                                   3,279.00                                      2,599.00
9 pax                                   3,039.00                                      2,529.00
10 pax                                   2,929.00                                      2,469.00
11 pax                                   2,859.00                                      2,439.00
12 pax                                   2,839.00                                      2,399.00
13 pax                                      2,769.00                                      2,359.00
14 pax                                      2,699.00                                      2,339.00
15 pax                                      2,649.00                                      2,309.00

Hundred Islands Tour Package Only Trips: (No Bolinao for Day Tour)

No. of Person  Hundred Islands Tour Package Rate per pax (withOUT Van but with Accomm.)   Hundred Islands Tour Package Rate per pax (withOUT Van & withOUT  Accomm.) 
2Days 1Night (Without Van) Hundred Islands Tour Package WITHOUT VAN
2 pax                       3,209.00                          2,409.00
3-6 pax                       3,059.00                          2,229.00
7-10 pax                          2,599.00                          2,119.00
11-15 pax                          2,509.00                          2,029.00
16-20 pax                          2,479.00                          1,979.00
21-25 pax                          2,419.00                          1,949.00
26-30 pax                          2,309.00                          1,909.00

HUNDRED ISLANDS TOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES: This package will start upon arrival at Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan. While packages WITH Bolinao day-tour (without van service) have Tour Guide Service starting  from  Hundred Islands Alaminos, Pangasinan to Bolinao. Have a flavorful experience while we are in charge of the inclusions of this package.

      1. Travel Insurance upon arrival in Lucap to end of Tour.
      2. Round trip boat ride from Lucap Port to Hundred Islands and vice versa
      3. Hundred Islands day tour at the 3 (three) developed islands: (Governor’s Island, Children’s Island, Quezon Island) (**Note: After island hopping, choose one island where you want to stay and rest and we’ll pick you up around 5pm going back to Lucap wharf)
      4. Registrations, Environmental and Entrance Fees
      5. FREE entry for 1 (one) child below 5 years old (for groups with 10 to 15 adults)
      6. FREE entry for 2 (two) children below 5 years old (for groups of 16 adults or more)
      7. A Fully Air Conditioned Room/Transient House/Inn/Hotel with CR, Refrigerator, Gas Stove for Cooking, TV, Wifi, and use of kitchen utensils (caldron (kaldero), frying pan (kawali), knife and ladle (sandok), pot, spoons, forks, plates and drinking glass) etc. (for package with Accommodation) 
      8. (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour without van service package) choose between Private van services from Lucap to Bolinao and back to Lucap for end of tour or Tour guide for Bolinao tour to:
      9. Bolinao Tour to Bolinao Enchanted Cave (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      10. Bolinao Tour to Bolinao Lighthouse (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      11. Bolinao Tour to Patar Beach (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      12. Bolinao Tour to Rock View Beach (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      13. Bolinao Tour to Bolinao Falls (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      14. Bolinao St. James the Great Parish Church (400 y/o church) (for package with Bolinao Day-Tour) 
      15. Grab your discount in your second time booking (valid for Hundred Islands group package)**Note: Accommodation is usually a transient type, if you wish to stay in a resort/hotel, additional rate will apply.**Note: Rate excludes entrance fees for Bolinao Falls, Patar Beach and Enchanted Cave
ADD-ON for Hundred Islands Tour: (optional) Try these add-on to make your trip more exciting and amazing! 
  1. P950 per 2 to 5 pax to avail “all-in island hopping” where you can choose as many island hopping as you can for the day, including a Cliff/Cave Jumping experience at Imelda’s Island/Cave (**Reservation is needed to avail Hop-All-You-Can Island)
  2. P350 per picnic table & chairs (At Pavilion 1 and 2) for developed islands
  3. P250 per tent space/pitching fee
    tour package enjoy ka ditoHundred Islands Pangasinan 14
  4. P300 per Snorkel and Mask rental
  5. P250 per Aqua shoes rental
  6. P200 per Goggles rental
  7. P270 per Fins rental
  8. P180 per Life Jacket
  9. P230 per Salbabida (big)
  10. P190 per Salbabida (small)
  11. P290 per Fishing Rod with Bait
  12. P450 per Helmet Diving (20mins)- (with guide underwater, food for the fish, underwater picture with soft copy sent through email)
  13. P300 Zipline (546 m) (Governor’s) per jump
  14. P300 Zipline (345 m) (Lopez) per jump
  15. P150 Zipline (120 m) (Quezon) per pax
  16. P1,050 Jet ski (1-2pax) (15mins)
  17. P300 Banana Boat (minimum of 6 pax) per pax
  18. P300 Kayaking (maximum of 2 pax) per hour
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Travelers may need to bring:
For best Hundred Islands Tour experience, bring your personal hygiene and medicine, your clothing, extra batteries for your flashlight and gadgets and your favorite foods to add to your vacation experience.
Please note that:
      • Enjoy a 5% discount if you book your Hundred Islands Tour package 30 days before your vacation day (this will NOT be applicable if reservation is made during the months of March, April and May due to very limited slots available) Reservation during this peak season is “first come-first serve” basis.
      • We can only accommodate 8 bookings per day. So hurry! Book now!
      • We are open for tour arrangements for foreign tourists.
      • You need to book with us in order to avail the packages offered, We are always open to talk to you at our email, .
      • Or call us at 09328871016 (sun) or 09369375706 (globe) and look for Miss Tintin.BOOK NOW!!!
      • Our operations team is open every Monday-Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm (for phone calls) 
      • We may not be open for your calls every Saturday and Sunday, but you can always email us for your queries and reservations.
      • Van trips within the locale are based on weather/road condition because we want you to enjoy the tour and have an optimum experience with your love ones.
      • Pick up point at Manila is either Trinoma or Cubao.
      • Please see our Bulletin for more updates of our tour offers or check our weather broadcast page for weather updates.
      • Strictly no cancellation, amendment or refund of package availed upon confirmation of booking.
      • Your coupon is transferable to anyone and valid for 6 months upon down payment.
      • We reserve the right to ask for copies of photos acquired during the tour to be used as features for promotion/social media marketing.
      • This package is not valid with other offers. 
      • Ask us for child policy.
      • Change of rates without prior notice.

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