BOLINAO + Hundred Islands Tour Package

See the beauty of beaches in Bolinao and Alaminos City, Pangasinan. It’s pristine white beach makes the stay worthwhile. Plus, some adventurous activities of Hundred Islands that you will surely enjoy. With this package, we make sure that you will relax, enjoy and unwind.
Experience the fun and excitement in our Pangasinan escapade! Visit Bolinao Falls, Bolinao Church, Bolinao Light House, Patar White Sand Beach, Bolinao Enchanted Cave, Rock View Beach, and experience your Hundred Islands adventure with a whole lot more of activity surprises. Adventure Awaits!!!
  1. Travel Insurance.
  2. 2 Days and 1 Night Accommodation
  3. Day 1 Lunch, Dinner
  4. Day 2 Breakfast
  5. Van Service for pick up from Manila to Pangasinan to Manila
  6. Van Service for Pangasinan trips within Pangasinan
  7. Fuel, Toll Fees and Driver’s Meal 
  8. Tour to Bolinao Enchanted Cave
  9. Tour to Bolinao Lighthouse
  10. Tour to Patar Beach
  11. Tour to Rock View Beach
  12. Tour to Bolinao Falls
  13. To Bolinao Church
  14. Round trip boat ride from Lucap Port to Hundred Islands and vice versa
  15. Day tour at the 3 (three) developed island of Hundred Islands (Governor’s Island, Children’s Island, Quezon Island) (**Note: After island hopping, choose one island where you want to stay and rest and we’ll pick you up around 5pm going back to Lucap wharf)
  16. Registration and Entrance Fees for Hundred Island Tours
  17. Overnight Fees and Permits
  18. Grab your discount in your second time booking (valid for Pangasinan group package)**Note: Enchanted Cave have entrance fee ranging from Php120-Php140 which is not included in the package. Patar Beach/ Patar cottages and Bolinao Falls have entrance fees depending on season and are not also covered in the package.
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