Day: February 22, 2014

LIKE if you see the face of a woman. SHA

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Enjoy Ka Dito Nagsasa Cove Group Package

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Enjoy Ka Dito Nagsasa Cove Group Package for as low as P1,525 per pax. Package Includes:
2 Days and 1 Night stay at Nagsasa Cove
Boat rental, round trip from Pundakit to Nagsasa and vice versa
Island hopping to Capones Island or Anawangin Cove
Life vest in every boat ride
A 30-minute hiking activity, accompanied by a guide/watcher to keep you safe
FREE to bring two children below 10 yrs. old (absolutely no fees)
FREE two of 5 gallons of mineral water in a container with faucet (absolutely no charge)
FREE Tent Rental (absolutely no charge)
FREE one bond of woods for bonfire.
Entrance Fees
Overnight Fees
Use of campsite facilities such as comfort rooms, bath rooms, water pump etc.
Use of kitchen such as caldron (kaldero), frying pan (kawali), knife and ladle (sandok)
Use of Cooler/Ice box
Use of Cottage/Bamboo Table with chairs (Cottage is 1st come-1st serve basis)
Use of grills (for cooking)
Grab your discount in your second time booking
You will only pay P50.00 per head when you hop for Camara Island (for 10 heads and above per group)
You will only pay P200.00 per head for one day extension

Travel Tips for the Day: Be mindful of t

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Travel Tips for the Day:
Be mindful of the number coding ordinance for vehicles that is being implemented strictly in selected cities when you are bringing your vehicles with you.

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